Four Best Logo Maker Generator Apps for Android

Logo Maker Generator Apps for Android

If you are looking for some of the best Logo maker generator apps for Android, then you are in the right place. If you don’t want to get a professional logo designer to design your logo or buy an expensive computer for creating it, then this article will be of value to you. All you will need is an android phone to design and to kick-start your journey. Also using an android phone app to create a logo is quite cost friendly.

Logo maker plus

Logo maker plus is an android app that has over 5 million downloads. You can quickly create a logo with this app since it offers thousands of editing options and graphic elements. With this android app, you can create a professional logo for your business without using too much time.

Logo maker generator

 Logo maker and logo generator is an application for android phone which has over one million downloads on the Google play store. You can create a logo for your business in minutes with this application. The application also has over 2000 logo templates to be used. Besides, it offers professional tools for recoloring, so you can recolor your design the way you want. It’s easy to use this app, and also you can download it for free.


Desygner is one of the best applications for the android phone. The app comes designed with a free and paid version depending on your needs. You can create logos with this app and also banners for your online social platforms. Even with this app, you will be able to make a cover for your Facebook or Twitter ads.

Adobe illustrator draw

Adobe illustrator draw is one of the best apps for Android, and the best part is that you can also download it for free. With this app, you can use numerous images and drawing layers. Also, you can sketch using more than five pens that have adjustable size and color. You don’t have to be very creative with this app since it various features for designing. You can download the app for free though some features may come with a paid version.


You can find all the above applications in Google store app. Most of these apps are free to use though some may have premium features that you would have to pay for, depending on the type of template and tool you want for your logo.

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