Four Innovative Logo Design Trends to Look Out for 2018

Logo Design Trends to Look

As each new year passes so do the trends in logo design. Design preferences are changing day in day out, and there’s no formula for deciding the style to use and the ones to ignore. The advantage is that it’s not a must you follow all the upcoming trends to stay current. Nevertheless, paying keen attention to current trends can be of benefit to you and your business. You get to know the trends your competitors are using. Hence you can find others to differentiate your businesses. And knowing what your audience love gives you a better chance of creating a logo that your clients love. Let’s look at the logo design trends for 2018.

Simplified mascots

As more small businesses join the marketplace the work of producing logos has been eased. Having a lot of details in your logo will take away the bold colors and simple line work. Big brands like Morton Salt and Wendy’s have been reducing their mascots over the years. You can expect more brands to follow suit, updating the colors and editing out shapes and extra lines.

Focal letters

There’s no better way of dressing up that logotype that seems bare than to add a focal letter. Businesses in private industries often want a slim stark look for their logo. Unluckily it leaves less room for designers to wave to and fro. A lot of designers are using a plain font with one different letter to make a fun focal point. Inserting a little playfulness is a reminder that businesses aren’t all about business.

Lowercase text

Most brands that are established mostly use necessary fonts. But the truth is simple designs always work. Designers mostly use sans serif, serif, no caps and all caps. Off late logo designs are headed in the direction of lowercase san serif text with no capital letters. Some industries still prefer to use serif text while san serif fonts are seen to be modern and youthful. After doing away with that first capital letter, traditional brands and B2B seem more friendly.

Rainbow and gradient colors

When Instagram first disclosed its rainbow logo a lot of people disregarded it to be a dud. But the designers who are smart incorporated the idea. Gradients and multicolors add life and cheer to a flat logo. You can embrace rainbow colors if you aren’t afraid of using loud colors.


Studying logo designs can help you in generating ideas. Trends will guide you on the ones to follow and the ones to avoid. And always remember that staying ahead of trends is as essential as respecting them.

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